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Wooden cat scratcher 3 in 1 rest, fun and care

Wooden cat scratcher 3 in 1 rest, fun and care

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 The 3-in-1 scratching post is a multifunctional piece of furniture for your cat designed to meet all the needs of your feline friend. It has a solid base, a scratching surface, a comfortable bed that will provide your cat with endless entertainment and relaxation. This cat scratcher has also been designed to save space thanks to its small size, making it a great choice for apartments or small houses. With a combination of comfort, fun and exercise, the 3-in-1 cat scratcher is a must-have for any owner of these four-legged beauties who wants to create a fun and stimulating environment for their furry friend.




Type: cats

 No. of Tiers: Single Layer

Material: Wood

Item Type: Scratching Pads




10-20 days

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