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Cat Bowl

Cat Bowl

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The higher cat bowl is a kind of feeding station specially designed for cats. It features a raised platform that lifts the food and water bowls off the ground, providing a more comfortable and ergonomic dining experience for your feline friend. The increased height helps reduce stress on your cat's joints and neck, making it easier for them to eat and drink. This type of bowl is ideal for taller cats, older cats, or cats with arthritis or other joint problems



Type: cats

 Type: Single

Shape: Rounded

Material: Plastic

Feature 8: Pet food dispenser

Feature 7: cat water water supply

Feature 6: Water fountain cat

Feature 5: Raised food bowl dog

Feature 4: pet bowl high stand

Feature 3: pet bowl with stand

Feature 2: pet bowl stand elevated

Feature 1: pet bowl for slow eat



10-20 days

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